Thursday, November 30, 2017

Apple MACOSX reinstall

In a Nutshell

An old iMac (mid 2011) had a drive go bad.  So decided to replace with a speedy new 1TB SSD drive.  But when tried to do so was stopped by "This item is temporarily unavailable."


Installed the drive (~45min)
Boot it up to recovery mode.
Used "Disk Utility" to erase and format the new SSD drive. (Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Capacity: 999.86 GB [999,860,921,128 Bytes])
Reinstall Mac OS X [Set up and install a new copy of Lion.]
[Mac OS X Lion : Mac OS X 10.7]

Dialog of doom

A dialog is shown that says:
This item is temporarily unavailable.
Try again later.

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Q: problem

Lion Recovery could not be created

The Recovery HD on this computer is damaged or not present. Recovery Disk Assistant requires a functioning Lion Recovery HD to create an external Lion Recovery.

Not good

At the end of the day it came down to getting a proper Apple ID associated with the original user associated with this installation.  Makes you wonder how you deal with transfers of ownership.

Oh well...

Saturday, November 25, 2017


PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal)
JSR (Java Specification Requests)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

sudo without password

Tired of getting prompted for sudo password? 

Add following to bottom of 'sudo visudo

myusername ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

Replace 'myusername' with your username.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Installed Python 3.5.4

Installed Python 3.5.4 

Don't step on my blue suede shoes...ur...sneakers

Don't step on my blue suede shoes...ur...sneakers

Country INNS & SUITES - not so sweet in Flagstaff

I know some people who have had great experiences at Country INNS & SUITES when staying in upstate New York.

My recent stay at a Flagstaff, AZ Country INNS & SUITES was a bit less satisfying.

After a long drive our party arrived exhausted at the Flagstaff Country INNS & SUITES. Upon driving into the parking lot we were greeted by a disheveled plastic sign that was sewn up across the center much like the skull cap on Frankenstein's head.

We were checked into our room by a dark curly haired lady behind the front desk.

We were given 2 plastic room keys and went blissfully on our way.  We arrived at our room to find neither key card working.

We trekked back down to the front-desk to fix the key problem.  The dark curly haired clerk took my keys - without smile or apology, reprogrammed them and handed them to me with a gruff "Here" - no "Sorry for the inconvenience" or even a simple smile.  Just "Here".

We drudged back up to the room and the keys worked.

Upon entry we discovered a blinking light on the room phone.  Calling the front-desk the call was answered by the now-familiar sounding voice of the dark curly haired lady from earlier.  I asked why the light on the phone was blinking.  "It must be a message for the earlier guest" was her reply. She said "push pound (#) 0" and she hung up.  I followed her instructions but only busy signal emanated from the ear piece.  I called the dark curly haired lady back and she coarsely said - "I said to push pound (#) 0 9" and she hung up.  I tried that and once again heard a busy signal.

I called dark curly haired lady and she said with a sigh, "I'll try to do it from here" and she hung up the phone. Ten minutes later the phone light was still blinking.  I called dark curly haired lady and told her I was going to unplug the phone, she replied "Ok" and hung up the phone.

During these exchanges there was never a "please", "thank you", "sorry" or any other nicety that one might expect from a nice hotel.

Nobody likes domestic violence and maybe that's not what caused the patched hole in the wall above the towel rack in the bathroom.

Is there a rodent problem?  Hard to say but the chipped paint near the base board does not provide a lot of confidence:

Well at least the room is clean...or is it?  The white comforter had a red stain on it - not sure if it was nail polish or blood.  Perhaps a forensic expert might be needed.

So, things aren't going as well as we might have liked.  Wait, what is this?  There is a table sandwiched between the two double beds in the room.  The corners on the table are coated with a plastic or metal surface that has separated and bent down at the perfect angle for slicing/cutting one's arms or legs when getting out of bed or reaching for the alarm clock.

How about a treat?  Head over to the vending machine just outside of the 2nd floor elevator. about a 3 Musketeer bar?  Ok, let's see we need to press "E-2".  Put in the $1.25 and pressed E-2.  And suddenly the Peanuts are being dispensed.  The items were mislabeled in the vending machine. See the picture below.  Aughhhh!

So, would I recommend the Flagstaff Country INNS & SUITES?  Take a wild guess.